Annotation guidelines
PARSEME shared task on automatic identification of verbal MWEs - edition 1.0 (2017)

Other verbal MWEs (OTH)

This category is meant to contain VMWEs which do not fit to the preceding categories, that is, whose lexicalized components do not include a single head verb and at least one of its arguments. VMWEs in this category fail the structural test 6 [HEAD]. They include:

  • coordinations of verbs
    • leben und leben lassen live and let live
    • to drink and drive
    • coser y cantarto_sew and to_singeasy as pie, a piece of cake
    • pluć i łapać spit and catch to be lazy, to do nothing useful
      coś kogoś ani ziębi, ani grzeje something neither cools nor warms someonesomeone is indifferent to something
      badż tak dobry i zrób cośbe so good and do somenthingbe so good as to do something
    • pintar e bordar paint and knit to abuse
    • a tunat și i-a adunatit.has thundered and CL.ACC-it.has gatheredbirds of a feather flock together
      seamănă, dar nu răsaresow.3SG (homonym of resemble), but not sprout.3SGnot to resemble
    • živi in pusti živeti live and let live
  • compound verbs, resulting usually from conversion of nominal compounds:
    • to voice act
      to pretty-print
      to short-circuit
      to tumble dry
    • court-circuiter to short-circuit
    • n.a. there are no cases of compound hyphenated verbs in RO
    • n.a. there are no cases of compound hyphenated verbs in SL

No specific tests apply to this category. In other words an expression should be annotated as OTH if: